Sour roasted trahanas


Handmade pure pasta from fine Greek grains full of freshness and enjoyment.

Description : Trachanas is a rich and nutritious meal that has been passed down for generations. It will always bring to mind a sweet memory that will fill us with warmth and nostalgia. Grated by hand with handmade traditional yogurt , it gives inspiration for many recipes. In addition to the classic trahanosou soup, it is ideal for trahanoto, pie, velvet soup, to be included in fillings and recipes instead of rice, in briam ….. The sure thing is that you will enjoy it with any recipe and choose!

  • No added salt
  • Handmade grated trachanas
  • With natural ingredients
  • Handmade yogurt

Ingredients : Wheat flour, handmade cow yogurt from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk

Each package contains 400g / 6+ servings

Boiling time: 12′-15 ‘

Ratio for soup about 1 cup. trachanas to 5-7 cups. liquids. Put it in boiling water and stir. Be careful because it swells. It takes about 12-15 minutes. You can use plain water or broth. Serve hot with toasted bread and feta! . .

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The most typical recipe is trachanas soup. But have you tried to replace the rice in the stuffed, in the bagpipes, to use it together with some filling in the pie, in the briam, in the braised, in soups, together with sauce or even, velvet or even sweet ?!

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Mamairenepasta with the action #pastaforamission has set a goal to strengthen the institutions for children starting from their meal. Part of the income from each package , we offer it to the ‘Ark of the world’ and we support its great work.

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Additional information


100% natural ingredients, Homemade product, No added salt