From the old grocery store…
to the Pasta Atelier

Welcome to our home

a home where mum Irene, with love and patience, taught us to choose pure ingredients insist on quality, pay attention to details and respect tradition.

Her journey began in 1987 in a small village of Thessaloniki.

Mum Irene with her mum Anna started creating and selling their handmade premium pasta at Grandpa’s old grocery store. With traditional Pontian recipes, fermented with ‘meraki’ , they were dried for days on white sheets. After a long-lasting baking process, it acquires its golden hue and wonderful crispy texture. Our famous roasted pasta that everyone was looking forward to tasting!

In 2009 in the middle of the crisis, mum Irene had the perfect idea … To turn my grandfather’s grocery store into a pasta workshop. And so it happened … With a small pasta extruder and endless hours of work, it was not long before the first customers came who wanted to have our pasta in their store.

Homemade pastafermented with fresh vegetables and without salt where not available in the market, so they easily bagan to become known and one customer brought the other. Our delicious and pure traveled in some suitcases and the exports came from the very first year!

Costas & Christina

Since 2016 when we became parents mom Irene was upgraded and took on the role of grandmother.

The work we undertake has a huge responsibility. But we are so confident that we immediately move on to the next step.

With undiminished passion , fresh ideas and initiative , we open new markets such as Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany … and enter the kitchens of large restaurants.

With respect to the trust you show us, we constantly strive to improve and proudly sell our products in the grocery stores of the world .

Why choose mamairenepasta ?

We believe that healthy life is simple! That’s why we offer you delicious and nutritious food that enyone can enjoy…

  • Because every product that reaches your hands, is unique from its production to its packaging. With us you will have the assurance of superior quality without compromise.
  • Because we use the purest ingredients and aim for the perfect result.
  • Because we know absolutely every one of our products and we are ready to answer any of your questions.
  • Because with us you will be sure of your choice.
Choose one of the highest quality pasta available and spend just 3 minutes to enjoy it.

We will trust you and your beautiful store to host our products and we will gladly undertake to create a beautiful point of view together.

Taking care of them and giving them the value they really have so that everyone chooses the best for their family is of major importance for us.

Our goal is to have happy consumers coming back to your store and choose our products with confidence.

Change eating habits… Create healthy lifestyles!

‘happy kids’ collection

Having parents’ concern about their family and children as our top priority, we created “happy kids” food line. A kid’s line which can guarantee a healthy diet for your children’s growth! After all, we are parents as well!!

Is there any kid who doesn’t love pasta? The ideal comfort foodfor every family. Mama Irene brings pure, playful and freshpasta onto children’s plates with a line especially dedicated to them.

After all, we all hide a child inside us.


In small quantities from our family to yours.

100% Natural ingredients

We use exclusively FRESH vegetables that we choose ourselves.

Excellent raw materials

The best varieties of mildly processed durum grains, so that we always have a rich fresh aroma while maintaining its natural properties.

No added salt

So that everyone can enjoy them even from the first meals. Without preservatives, No dehydrated vegetables, No additives ...

Slow drying

In natural conditions to preserve the ingredients and aromas of nature.

Bronze cut

So that we always have the perfect porous surface in every pasta.

For those who are not satisfied with a simply good food …

For those who are looking for the perfect bite in every bite

We are here to take care of the pasta for your menu to satisfy even the most demanding palates!

Mama Irene pasta is one of the most favourite pasta in the world of chefs for its excellent characteristics, its impeccable behaviour and its perfect hold during cooking.

Mama Irene has devised special packaging for Ho.Re.Ca., ideal to meet the needs of top chefs.


To do beautiful things while doing beautiful deeds

This vision became our mission!

With the action #pastaforamission we have set a goal to strengthen the institutions for children starting from their meal.

You fill your table with our fantastic pasta, while at the same time you have made such an important offer of love !

We believe that with just a little love, everything can be made more beautiful!