Specialist Producer of the Year 2023


We are pleased to inform you that you have won the AWARD SPECIALIST PRODUCER OF THE YEAR for your participation in the SPECIALIST AWARDS 2023 with RATING 92.

”Excellent range and quality of all products! Congratulations! A company with a holistic approach. It has thoroughly studied all parts of the company, it seems to be constantly evolving both in range and peripheral points. Raw materials, adaptation to modern requirements and the final product reach the ideal. We would like to see an improvement on the excellent, on the brand of the company and on the ecological approach.”

Loved By Parents

LovedByParents awards are one of the largest and most trusted parenting awards programme’s worldwide.

Each product is tested by parents and voted on by parents.

80% of parents surveyed said they were more likely to buy something if it had won and LPB award.

For the first time in Greece our company mamairenepasta, passed through a required test and manages to win another GOLD award in the most important category BEST BABY FOOD RANGE 6 MONTHS +


Great Taste Awards

Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme. Putting your food or drink to the test with our panel of over 500 experts in the field – chefs, tasters, food book authors, buyers.

Traditional Hilopites – Results

”This is a perfectly sized Hilopites pasta and the strips are thin too. It’s a lovely shape and a great vehicle for the traditional dishes it’s used in. We can imagine how well it holds sauces and flavour. The pasta itself has a good wheat flavour with some rich notes from the egg and milk and there is a density to it which we enjoyed. The texture although smooth offers up a satisfying mouthfeel. Delicious.”

”These ribbons are wide and golden from the turmeric. On tasting the semolina sings on the palate with just a hint of the spice. This would be a wonderful vehicle for everything from a meat-based sauce to cheese, or with fresh sage and butter. Lovely pasta which we really enjoyed.”


Mediterranean Taste Awards

Food tasting and quality competition held once a year in London. Awards for Mediterranean products. Awards for Meditteranean foods.

Gold award for quality and taste for two favorite products

  • Fresh vegetable tagliatelle
  • Fresh vegetable couscous from ‘happy kids’ collection

In the very important category of ‘Special Nutrition’, fresh vegetable couscous managed to get it Silver award among very remarkable products such as extra virgin olive oil and fine honey.

Gourmet Exhibition

The Gourmet Exhibition and the Specialist Awards were created in 2016 in order to support and strengthen the supremacy of the Greek gastronomic tradition abroad.

The exhibition has already established itself as the most important trade fair of selected foods

We create tradition!


In small quantities from our family to yours.

100% Natural ingredients

We use exclusively FRESH vegetables that we choose ourselves.

Excellent raw materials

The best varieties of mildly processed durum grains, so that we always have a rich fresh aroma while maintaining its natural properties.

No added salt

So that everyone can enjoy them even from the first meals. Without preservatives, No dehydrated vegetables, No additives ...

Slow drying

In natural conditions to preserve the ingredients and aromas of nature.

Bronze cut

So that we always have the perfect porous surface in every pasta.