In Greece we are a big family. We Know From good food and we like to share it.!

This is what ‘mama irene’ does. It creates the Most delicious and healthy pasta, having a vision…

To share them with all children of the world…


With the action #pastaforamission we have set a goal to strengthen the institutions for children starting from their meal.

  • With any order from our online store,, part from each package fills the «piggy bank» that we have created to support institutions or organizations for children in need.

    You fill your table with our fantastic pasta, while at the same time you have made such an important offer of love !

    You can make your own offer too.

  • Select the products and items you desire from our catalog, go to the ‘basket’ on the top right of the page and then ‘go to checkout’. Check the option ‘Donate to an institution‘ and in the next field, check the institution which you want to sent the donation. When you choose to make a donation, shipping is free. If you would like to make a more specific donation please contact with us and we ensure you that it will take place immediately.
  • All donations are collected from 1 to 28 every month and sent all together.

Above all we are humans and we will strive for the best. Our minimum offer could be huge for young children.

Knowing the challenge of the effort we are going to make, we are determined to continue until we achieve our goal!

Togethet we can better

a a

We believe that with just a little love, everything can be made more beautiful!

Few words about the ‘ARK OF THE WORLD’

The Ark of the World, a voluntary, non-profit organization of special care and protection of mother and child, under the guidance of Fr. Antonios for 23 years now supports single-parent, needy families and neglected children from infancy to adulthood. It aims mainly at the treatment of the trauma of the child’s soul and not only at their shelter, food and education.

It has houses for all-day (closed) accommodation of children, where 230 children live following a prosecutor’s order and custody assignment, in Athens, Anoixi Attica, Piraeus, Pogoniani and Konitsa Epirus, Volos, Chios and Kalamata.

Also, in the day center of Athens serves 310 families – 400 children with food, clothing, psychological, legal support, medical care, education, financial support and training, with the aim of mobilizing parents to take on their responsible parental role.


Mama Irene for Wise Greece

We have created a collection for Wise Greece, in order to support the work of the multi award-winning non-profit Initiative. It promotes worldwide the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the excellent products of small Greek producers, while with the profit from their sale it buys essential food supplies so as to distribute them to children, homeless families and elderly people who live below the poverty line.  In this way we ensure that our offer is Continuous and Sustainable – so that our offer to society lasts and not occasional.

From the beginning of our cooperation with Wise Greece until today, through the sales of our collection, we have managed to contribute to the supply of thousands of portions of food for our fellow human beings in need.

The magic is that you, the shopkeeper, help a fellow human being simply by selling and the consumer simply by consuming!