Sour roasted trahanas homemade


Homemade pure pasta from fine Greek grains full of freshness and taste.

Description : Trachanas is a rich and nutritious meal that has been passed down for generations. It will always bring to mind a sweet memory that will fill us with warmth and nostalgia. Grated by hand with handmade traditional yogurt , it gives inspiration for many recipes. In addition to the classic trahanosou soup, it is ideal for trahanoto, pie, velvet soup, to be included in fillings and recipes instead of rice, in briam ….. The sure thing is that you will enjoy it with any recipe and choose!

Roasted means that the trahanas stay in the oven for several hours at a low temperature, so that it acquires the perfect look and taste of roasted dough. You cook it the way you like it, we offer you the ultimate trahana to upgrade off your recipes. Inspired by our grandmother’s Pontian paths.

  • No added salt
  • Handmade grated trachanas
  • With natural ingredients
  • Handmade yogurt

Ingredients : Wheat flour, handmade cow yogurt from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk

Each package contains 400g / 6+ servings

Boiling time: 12′-15 ‘

Ratio for soup about 1 cup. trachanas to 5-7 cups. liquids. Put it in boiling water and stir. Be careful because it swells. It takes about 12-15 minutes. You can use plain water or broth. Serve hot with toasted bread and feta! . .

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Sour roasted trahanas homemade no added salt with homemade yogurt.

The most typical recipe is trachanas soup. But have you ever tried to replace the rice in the stuffed, in the meatballs, to use it in the pie, in the briam, in soups, with sauce, velvet or even sweet ?!

Pasta is one of the basic foods of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’. Every day we should consume fruits, vegetables, dairy products and carbohydrates, which are mainly found in cereals such as rice and grains. Pasta is not only a fast food for students but can be eaten as a main dish, as a side dish to a protein food, or in a cold pasta salad or even in pies.

Now we need to unravel one of the greatest nutritional myths of recent decades, the one that wants pasta to “get fat”. This, of course, is not the case, on the one hand, there are no foods that in themselves lead to obesity, on the other hand because pasta is at the base of the Mediterranean pyramid, which indicates that their moderate consumption not only does not cause problems in health, but in addition is suitable as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

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Additional information


100% natural ingredients, Homemade product, No added salt