Fresh vegetable couscous


Handmade pure pasta from fine Greek grains full of freshness and enjoyment.

Description : ‘Colorful’ delicious balls of freshly picked vegetables, come to drive you crazy. Without added salt you can make a nutritious & delicious dish for young and old! It can be made into soup, salad, side dish or cooked like a classic pasta. No matter how you make it, it will be delicious!

Tested and recommended with a gold award by the great global competition Loved By Parents in the category ‘Best baby food range 6 months +

  • No added salt
  • Fermented only with fresh vegetables
  • Suitable for Vegan
  • Handmade pasta
  • With natural ingredients
  • ‘Happy kids’

Ingredients : Durum wheat semolina, durum wheat flour, fresh vegetables – Florinas pepper, spinach, beetroot, turmeric

Each package contains 400g / 4+ servings

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From the collection ‘happy kids ‘. Gold award from the Mediterranean taste award and Silver award from the Gourmet exhibition in the special nutrition category.

Tested and recommended with a gold award by the great global competition Loved By Parents in the category ‘Best baby food range 6 months +

Fresh vegetable couscous, that holds in it all the pleasure that a delicious dish needs.

Pasta is one of the basic foods of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’. Every day we should consume fruits, vegetables, dairy products and carbohydrates, which are mainly found in cereals such as rice and grains. Pasta is not only a fast food for students but can be eaten as a main dish, as a side dish to a protein food, or in a cold pasta salad or even in pies.

At this point we need to unravel one of the greatest nutritional myths of recent decades, the one that wants spaghetti to “get fat”. This, of course, is not the case, on the one hand, there are no foods that in themselves lead to obesity, on the other hand because pasta is at the base of the Mediterranean pyramid, which indicates that their moderate consumption not only does not cause problems in health, but in addition is suitable as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Tips for healthier cooking

  1. a) Do not “burn” the pasta with butter. You “load” them for no reason with saturated fats. Prefer to add a little olive oil while it’s hot or if you want butter, then a tablespoon for one package is more than enough (always without “burning”).
  2. b) Do not overdo it with the portions, they can be delicious and you want to eat the whole pot, but everything can be good in a right measure. A normal portion of an adult human is 80gr-100gr of uncooked pasta. This amount translates to almost double to triple grams of cooked pasta.

Have you ever met kid who doesn’t love pasta? Our children are crazy about spaghetti! So let’s combine a small amount of delicious pasta with grilled or boiled vegetables and protein and we have a rich and nutritious meal. If they do not like vegetables έχουμε We have the solution… Take a look at the rest of the list

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Mamairenepasta with the action #pastaforamission has set a goal to strengthen the institutions for children starting from their meal. Part of the income from each package, we offer it to the “Ark of the World” and support its great work.

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Additional information


100% natural ingredients, Bronze die, Fresh vegetables, No added salt, Slow drying, Vegan


Gourmet Exhibition, Gourmet Exhibition, Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021 Gold


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